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Parenting Preparation

Parenting preparation can help you co-create with your partner your plan, values, and goals about parenting.

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Parenting Preparation

Conscious Parenting

You can parent by day-to-day whim (as many do), parent the same way your parents did, or you can enter parenthood parent based on preparation and reflection by engaging in Conscious Parenting.

Being a parent may well be the most challenging and rewarding task of your life. But would you approach any new task or goal without thoroughly preparing and making a plan? I’m sure as a new college student you thought carefully about different majors and careers. You may have interviewed others in the field, read books, or taken interest/ability surveys.

When you chose your mate, I bet you evaluated all the pros and cons of the relationship, discussed values and goals for the future, or participated in premarital counseling or therapy. Why should parenting be different? Every major step in our lives is taken after careful thought, consideration, and planning: consciously.

Parenting your child deserves the same level of dedication and investment as each of the other major life roles you have had. Like other life plans, this one can be changed as time goes on, but at least having a framework and major bullet points gives a clear direction to your role as a parent.

Parent Counseling or Education Can Help You & Your Partner:
  • Evaluate the strength of your couple bond
  • Learn what you can do to increase the resilience of your relationship
  • Explore your parenting role models
  • Identify your parenting strengths and weaknesses
  • Discuss how you were parented
  • Connect your history of being parented to your future as a parent
  • Discover what kind of parent you want to be
  • Learn to work as a team in parenting
  • Make a parenting plan

A Four-Session Package

Parenting Preparation is an opportunity to focus on becoming a conscious parent and making an informed plan to start the process.

Parent from the Inside Out


Consolidate Your Couple Bond


Construct a Plan for Parenting

We would be happy to discuss your needs and how we might be of help.

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