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Women Owning Wellness Group

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This group helps women who are drained and overwhelmed become


This group helps women who are experiencing any kind of transition in life, who feel drained & overwhelmed become EMPOWERED & CONNECTED

Do you wake up thinking to yourself, here we go again? Do you worry about everything you have to get done, just ‘knowing’ that something will go wrong? 

After all, mistakes are something you’re used to and usually mean you’ve done something wrong. You feel like you are stuck in a rut. 

Is that committee inside your head in full session, saying all those things you “know are true?”: You aren’t good enough, you should have done all those things differently, nobody values you, you aren’t pretty, you have nothing to offer, you mess everything up. 

But you know what? What doesn’t make sense is that some people tell you something different….What do they know anyway?

Clinical Hypnosis for Women

Could there be some truth in what those other people are saying? Could it be that you are are smart? Creative? Valuable? Worth? Pretty? Good? 

If that committee in your head is on negative auto-drive, it’s time for you to join the Women Owning Wellness (WOW) Group! 

You’ll learn how to rewrite your internal navigation system so you can embrace your own inner power and strength. Once you learn how to do this, you’ll understand how to recognize your worth and value so you can finally feel good again. 

Allow yourself to listen to a different committee, to recognize and take satisfaction of your accomplishments and primary ownership of your life. 

Benefits of the Group

Having a group of women allows you to share your unique life’s journey with other women-identifying individuals who ‘get it.’ 

Group allows you to practice communication skills with others in real time, set and maintain boundaries in a safe environment, feel supported by other individuals who can relate to the adjustments you are going through, and develop self-trust through mind-body connections. 

Women in the group gain support, experience understanding, and develop process-oriented skills to lead their most authentic life. 

What does ‘Process-oriented’ mean? 

Process-oriented skills focus more on the “how” of our relating, the interactions between us, rather than the facts of our interactions. For instance, from a process standpoint: if we are smiling, laughing and leaning in toward one another while talking about our latest vacation together, I’m less concerned about the facts of where we went on vacation or what we did together and more concerned with the smiling, laughing and leaning into each other. Likewise, if we are talking about the hotel, swimming with the dolphins and the weather, but we aren’t looking at each other, our faces are flat and our body language is turned away from each other, I’m more concerned with that information than the vacation particulars.

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In this Process-oriented WOW Group, you will: 

    1. Increase self-worth and self-awareness
    2. Learn skills to manage emotions through life’s transitions
    3. Learn about ‘Boundary Basics’
    4. Learn and practice alignment of self-care
    5. Enhance relationship skills with here-and-now strategies
    6. Improve self-trust and intuition by improving mind-body connections
    7. Increase confidence, assertiveness and decision-making ability
    8. Learn to tolerate distress and provide feedback within relationships

If you want to know if the WOW group is the perfect group for you, schedule a call today.

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