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Buddy Bunch: A Friendship Skills Group

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Social Skills Group at Connections Child & Family Center

Friendship skills group helps kids who feel lonely and left out learn to connect + get along with peers, without fear of rejection.

Does your child…

Have trouble keeping their hands to themselves with other kids
Tantrum when friends won’t play what they want
Tell peers what to do
Feel nervous meeting new people
Play alone on the playground
Get teased or bullied
Cheat at games
Have trouble taking turns
Meltdown when they lose
Act bossy with peers
Meltdown at birthday parties or in groups
Have difficulty making or keeping friends

After just a few sessions of group

your child may..

Start to handle big feelings without meltdowns
Know how to ask a friend to play
Feel comfortable talking to new kids
Cooperate in choosing a game
Take turns without complaints
Join in group activities
Lose without tantrums
Make a new friend

Giving your child time with other kids through activities or school gives kids a place to connect but NOT to learn the friendship skills they are missing.

1-1 counseling or therapy is great to learn skills or scripts for making friends, but it’s missing real practice with other kids.

 Friendship Skills Group is the answer to give you child BOTH: skills + real-life practice in a supportive environment

If you want to know if the Children’s Friendship Skills Group is the perfect group for you, schedule a screening call to learn more.

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