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Parenting Group

It really does take a village. Let us be a part of yours.

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Parenting Group at Connections Child & Family Center

Days as a parent involve a roller coaster of feelings, from scared and nervous to excited and grateful.

There are no “how to” manuals on parenting and parenting books say different things about ways to parent.

As kids grow and develop, parents often question “Am I raising them right?”, “What do I do now?”, or even tell themselves, “I hope I’m not screwing them up too bad.”

These doubts and fears are common!

Connecting with other parents who have similar concerns can be a powerful experience.  A network supporting us through the ups and downs of raising kids assures us we aren’t alone.

So come and join our tribe! The Woodlands Parent Support Group is waiting for you.

This Group will:
  • Offer/receive support and encouragement by connecting to other parents
  • Have a safe space to vent frustrations
  • Cultivate social connections with other parents
  • Exchange creative parenting strategies that have helped
  • Focus on parenting self-care