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ADHD Therapy in The Woodlands, TX

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ADHD Therapy

ADHD in Children

You always dread the looks you get out in public.

At family gatherings, you know exactly which relative will make a comment about your child’s behavior.

You never thought parenting would be quite this tiring, and you find yourself jealous of a friend whose kids will sit and color quietly for hours on end.

If you suspect ADHD but haven’t been diagnosed, click here for our testing services.

If your child has been diagnosed but you need more support, we can help.

We’ll teach you and your child ways to gain more control over unwanted behaviors and bring your relationship back to a closer place.

ADHD Symptoms in Children
  • Ignores directions
  • A hard time sitting still compared to peers
  • Trouble transitioning between activities
  • A hard time paying attention
  • Grabs things without permission
  • Trouble remembering things
  • Overreacts to minor frustrations.
  • Restless
  • Works below potential in school
  • Trouble finishing tasks
  • Loses belongings

ADHD in Teens

You know how smart your child is, but it’s frustrating to see them bring home bad grades, forget what they’ve learned day to day, space out at home and school, and continually need basic life-management help from you.

Your teen struggles with priorities…or seems to prioritize Fortnite over everything else.

Your teen’s attention span seems shockingly short, and you don’t know if it’s just how kids are these days or a result of ADHD.

If you suspect ADHD but haven’t been diagnosed, click here for our testing services.

If your child was diagnosed a while ago but you’re still struggling, let us help. We provide therapy, study skill, and organizational coaching and parenting support to help you and your child feel relaxed and good again.

ADHD Symptoms in Teens
  • Disorganized
  • Spaces out easily
  • Needs information repeated
  • Messy, rushed school work
  • Works below school potential
  • Restless, easily bored
  • Trouble remembering basic tasks or info recently studied
  • Impulsive
  • Acts without considering the impact on self or others
  • Constantly fidgeting and/or talking
  • Works slowly
  • Trouble meeting deadlines
ADHD Therapy

How We Help Children & Teens with ADHD

First off, if your child has not been officially diagnosed, call us right away so we can test them. All the info you need can be found on this page. 

If your child has been diagnosed, we provide behavioral interventions, self-management coaching, therapy, and family support.

We can teach your child to better manage his or her own mind and impulses while teaching you the best ways to support them, maintain equilibrium at home, and help your child reach their full potential.

While ADHD can feel like a huge challenge at this stage of your child’s life when managed correctly many find it to be a unique gift later in life. Let us help your family move towards that stage.

We’ll listen to your situation and answer your questions, then make an appointment to get started.

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