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Baylee McMinn



Supervised by Pam Cosart LPC-S #91693

Meet Baylee

Working With Children

As a licensed therapist, I enjoy helping parents of grade school and preschool kids who feel stuck trying to support their children and bring calm to a chaotic home life. I often see parents struggling with tantrums, problems managing emotions, increasing conflicts, and aggressive behavior in their kids.

I use approaches like TBRI and Theraplay in sessions, with parents joining in to build skills with their children. I also provide coaching for parents on using behavior strategies at home. Some of my favorite activities are fun games like “Butterfly Bubbles,” where kids practice managing emotions while popping bubbles.

Working With Families

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing positive changes after I’ve worked with a family. Often, kids’ ability to manage their emotions and impulses improves quickly with our methods. Relationships between parents and kids also get better. Another major shift happens in the parent-child relationship. If conflict has become adversarial, we focus on getting everyone back on the same team. When that dynamic changes, there is huge relief in the home. Cycles of escalation can finally be broken.

Parents report feeling empowered, with new tools to handle challenges as they arise. There is less chaos and more calm. Tantrums and aggression diminish as kids gain skills. Communication and connection are strengthened. It’s amazing to witness families go from completely stuck to having breakthroughs in their situation.

While every case is unique, these kinds of transformations are what I find most meaningful about my work. Guiding parents and kids to healthier relating and regulation makes such a difference in their wellbeing and happiness. It’s deeply fulfilling to know I can have that kind of impact.

Trauma and Adoption

Working with children and families affected by trauma has always been my passion. Whether trauma has been experienced by an individual, or by the whole family unit, there is immense potential for healing through healthy connection in relationships. I will walk with your family as you pursue healing and wholeness together. There is so much hope to move past survival, into new ways of coping and thriving!

I utilize my training in Theraplay, TBRI, and Nurturing Families to support the strengths of your family unit, while focusing on nurturing strong bonds between members.

As a former foster parent of 5 years, and now adoptive parent, I am passionate about supporting all members affected by system involvement – whether foster/adoptive parents, foster/adoptive children, biological parents, or any part of the family unit impacted. My goal will always be to identify the best path forward in the interest of the child – by strengthening as many safe relationships as are available to them in their circumstance.

How I Got Here

I graduated back in 2017 with my counseling degree, and was already interested in working with kids and families. At that time, I had a two year old at home. Over the next several years, I was a foster and adoptive parent to many children with high behavioral needs. I benefited immensely from professional help in managing some of the tougher behaviors that arose. I saw firsthand how valuable therapy can be for both kids and parents.

Over time, I pursued further education and specialized training to help address more significant behavioral challenges. It has been incredibly rewarding to now provide the type of support I found so useful during my own parenting journey. I love coming alongside parents, building their skill sets, and making a difference for families.

Kids 2+

Behavior Issues
Parenting Support
Families, including Foster/Adopt

Evidence-based Treatments

  • Theraplay
  • Nurturing Families
  • Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Training & Credentials

  • Baylee McMinn, LPC-Associate (Supervised by Pam Cosart) License #91693
  • Howard Payne University – B. A. Psychology
  • Dallas Theological Seminary – M. A. Counseling
  • Certified: Theraplay Level 1, Nurturing Families
  • Trained: TBRI & Theraplay
  • TBRI for Professionals

Outside the Office

In my personal time, I enjoy being active outdoors with my family. We live right in downtown Houston, so we’re always biking new trails, exploring local parks, and seeking out bayou paths. My kids also love to ride, so we’re constantly on the hunt for great spots to ride bikes together. My 3 wonderful kids and I love to garden together, and we love seeing our hard work pay off . Our latest project has been trying to grow flowers in our garden, even with the intense Texas heat! Family time is so precious to me.

I have a big extended family and prioritize time with them, and with friends, whenever I can. Whenever possible, I also love to get away from Houston and into the mountains, especially anywhere I can hike in the Rockies.


I accept the following insurance:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Sana


$130 Hourly

fees & Insurance

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