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Testing for Learning Disabilities

Is your child struggling in school?

Testing for Learning Disabilities

We Offer a Range of Testing Services

If your child is struggling in school, you might be wondering about learning disabilities or differences.

We offer a range of testing services, but those most often tested for are dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. These three styles of learning difference can account for a wide range of school struggles.

Our comprehensive learning evaluations provide a snapshot of your child’s current intellectual, educational, and processing strengths and weakness. Proper testing and diagnosis can help your child get the help and accommodations they need to succeed and feel confident at school.

Our Comprehensive Evaluation Includes:
  • Comprehensive intelligence testing
  • Comprehensive memory testing
  • Comprehensive achievement testing in all academic areas
  • Behavior/emotional/social assessment as needed
  • Comprehensive testing of all neuropsychological processing areas as needed, such as processing speed, visual-motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, auditory processing skills, phonological processing skills, attention/concentration skills, oral language, retrieval speed
Testing for Learning Disabilities

Get a Comprehensive Written Report

If a particular learning difference is suspected, we will offer specific tests in addition to these to get as much information as possible about your child’s challenges and learning strengths.

You’ll receive a comprehensive written report of your child’s results, and we’ll go through all the results with you.

This report can be used with your school district to ensure that your child has everything they need in place for a happy and successful educational career.

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