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Have you, or your child been labeled with a variety of different diagnoses and you have no idea if any, are correct? We will listen, ask questions to deeply understand the concerns, and do more testing if needed.

We will provide information about diagnoses and how the concerns fit those diagnoses. The report will also include many specific and relevant recommendations to best support your child’s needs at home, school, and in the community.

An outline of recommendations for treatment or medication management is given as needed. We spend time with parents and individuals to be sure that all questions are answered and to provide support in understanding the results.

Is it Really Worth the Money?

Although psychological testing can seem costly (in terms of time and money), it is well worth the investment. You will understand yourself or your child better, clearly identify needs and challenges, and cut directly to the heart of the problem without wasting time and effort guessing. The right professionals can then help more efficiently and effectively.

What Questions Can Psychological Testing Answer?

  • Is my child experiencing depression or anxiety?
  • Do I, or my child have Autism or Asperger’s?
  • Does my child have a behavior or conduct disorder?
  • How do I know which problems to treat first or what a good treatment plan would be? We have multiple issues including learning problems, emotional difficulties, family problems, and/or medical issues.

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A young girl participating in psychological testing, posing with her hands on her face.

Why Should I Do Psychological Testing?

  • Discover the correct diagnosis.
  • Differentiate one diagnosis from others (e.g. depression vs. anxiety) that may be similar.
  • Get information about strengths and challenges.
  • Make recommendations for school needs or effective therapy treatment planning.

Why Should I have My Evaluation Completed by You?

We have years of experience doing psychological testing and obtained additional specialty training and experience in assessment. Our evaluations are thorough and use gold-standard assessment tools to get more information about all areas of concern. We provide value for your money, but never cut corners or sacrifice our integrity and training to save time.

Your child can also be evaluated within weeks, rather than waiting months and months on a waiting list to be seen.

Still have questions? Listen to Dr. Pasqua speak on a recent podcast about psychological testing to learn more. And read our detailed testing FAQ’s. 

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Psychological Testing In The Woodlands & Spring/Klein

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