Pre-Adoption Assessments

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Pre-adoption is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for families!

A lot of stress often accompanies the international adoption process. There are so many forms to fill out, questions to answer, and decisions to  make. Our friendly psychologists will help you feel more comfortable and at ease with the process.

Adoption agencies require assessments of all parents hoping to adopt. Adoption readiness requirements vary by country, and can also vary depending on the agency and the unique needs of the child.

It an be tough to find a trusted clinician to help navigate this process. We have experience providing results to several countries and can adjust our process as needed.

We conduct thorough interviews with prospective parents.

These interviews include psychological and readiness testing. They also address prospective parents’ level of knowledge about the potential challenges of adoption, including psychological issues children can experience at different ages adjusting to their adoptive homes.
The assessments take 3-4 hours, and are spread over 1-2 days. We then complete a written report which you receive in 2-3 weeks.

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A little girl wearing a hat and holding a teddy bear at a pre-adoption assessment.

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We’re available to you to help with any needs that might arise as you adjust to your new life and your child adjusts to life in your home.

We know the feeling of being under a microscope in these pre-adoption days can be stressful, so please call and ask any questions you have so we can set your mind at ease!

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Pre-Adoption Assessments In The Woodlands & Spring/Klein

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