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Gifted Testing

Perhaps you’ve wondered if your child might be gifted.

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Gifted Testing

Gifted Testing at Connections

You saw the signs early on: precociousness with certain skills far beyond their peer’s abilities. Or, perhaps your child is in school and it’s obvious they’re bored and unchallenged by the work at hand and could be doing much more.

Maybe you’re hoping they can test into a program or school that better meets their needs and abilities. For gifted children, testing is important.

We Offer a Complete Gifted Assessment Which Includes:
  • Comprehensive intelligence testing
  • Assessment of adaptive and daily living skills
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Screening of academic (or pre-academic) skills
  • Assessment of personality characteristics associated with giftedness (e.g., intrinsic motivation, leadership)

Still have questions? Listen to Dr. Pasqua speak on a recent podcast about psychological testing to learn more.

Gifted Testing

Testing can help your child be placed in the appropriate class or school to best meet their needs and develop their natural gifts into useful talents.

Gifted testing can also reveal if your child has weaknesses and needs support in some areas while being gifted in others (twice-exceptional). Getting support where your child needs it and challenging them where they’re naturally gifted can help your child maximize their learning potential.

We’ll go over all results with you in detail and answer all of your questions. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of different learning and enrichment options, and coach you in advocating for your child. You’ll also receive a complete written report you can take back to your school district to advocate for gifted placement if needed.

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