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Evaluations for Test Accommodations

If you, your teen, or young adult needs accommodations to take standardized tests and/or college placement exams, we can handle everything for you.

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Evaluations for Test Accommodations

Test Accommodations Evaluations

These high stakes tests can be overwhelming for smart students, who struggle with focusing, writing, or anxiety. Documenting these disabilities and obtaining accommodations can level the playing field, and give struggling students a fair chance at test success.

Common Accommodations Evaluations Help Students Access Include:
  • Extended or alternative testing time
  • A quiet and distraction-reduced test environment
  • Use of a computer during the exam
  • Extra breaks

Still have questions? Listen to Dr. Pasqua speak on a recent podcast about psychological testing to learn more.

Evaluations for Test Accommodations

We conduct evaluations that meet the stringent requirements of the College Board, ACT, GRE, LSAT, GRE, MCAT, and universities.

Many of these testing boards require updated testing within three to five years to submit for a decision of getting test accommodations. Our testing can document eligible disabilities and provide evidence of a functional need for testing, or classroom accommodations.

The ACT and College Board can take 4 to 8 weeks to review applications for an eligibility decision. Don’t wait until the last minute for testing! Call today and start the process with us. Full evaluations can take 2-4 weeks to complete.

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