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Autism is everywhere in the news these days, and if your child is missing any milestones or showing delays, you might naturally be wondering if he or she fits the criteria.

It takes the careful work of a professional to tease out whether your child meets the criteria for autism, has delays due to other conditions, or is simply a little behind his or her peers on the wide spectrum of normal development.

We offer evaluations for children as young as twelve months through adulthood.

Still have questions? Listen to Dr. Pasqua speak on a recent podcast about psychological testing to learn more.

Parents Often Notice:

  • Speech delays or regressions
  • Social skills delays or regressions
  • Trouble with changes to plans or routines
  • A child who seems more interested in objects or toys than other people
  • A child who is particularly sensitive to stimuli other children ignore (clothing, noise, lights, foods, textures, etc.).
  • Lack of responsiveness to his or her own name or instructions from you
  • Intense or focused interests in certain toys or subjects

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Our Evaluations Include:

  • A thorough interview with you, the expert, about your child’s development
  • Evaluation of your child’s developmental, cognitive, adaptive, and behavioral functioning through formal testing and interviews with you and other caregivers
  • Direct observation of your child’s play, language, and social interaction
  • A review of any school or testing records
  • Administration of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), which is the gold standard in the field for diagnosing autism spectrum disorders.

What Happens After The Evaluation

You will return to discuss your child’s results. You’ll receive our comprehensive written report of results, diagnosis if applicable, and recommendations. We will talk you through what everything means and what your next steps are.

If your child is diagnosed, our report will help you access some resources such as special education, government-funded services, and/or services provided by your insurance company. If it’s necessary to bring in other professionals to give your child additional tests, we’ll coordinate all care with you so that you have all the information you need.

We realize that calling for an autism test—and even reading this information—can feel frightening and overwhelming. We pride ourselves on conducting our tests and delivering results to you in a warm, comforting, and supportive way. The earlier the intervention with autism, the better the outcome for your child.

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Autism Evaluations for Kids In The Woodlands & Spring/Klein

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