ADHD Evaluations

If you suspect ADHD in your child or teen, the next right step is thorough, careful testing.
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Comprehensive ADHD Testing

We are a premier Northwest Houston ADHD testing center. We are well-aware that ADHD is often misdiagnosed these days, so we carefully assess your child’s behaviors in the context of their current life circumstances and stressors, and any other causes of any behaviors you’re seeing.

Investing the time and energy into having a full professional evaluation will help your child get the targeted help they need quickly and efficiently, so you spend less time bouncing through treatment options and more time getting to what works.

Our Complete ADHD Evaluation:

  • Comprehensive intelligence testing
  • Comprehensive memory testing
  • Screening of academic achievement in all academic areas
  • Behavioral/emotional/social assessment
  • Assessment of executive functioning/attention

Still have questions? Listen to Dr. Pasqua speak on a recent podcast about psychological testing to learn more.

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ADHD Evaluations

Get a Comprehensive Written Report

You will receive a detailed and comprehensive report of all of our findings and what they mean for you and your child. We realize that ADHD testing can be a nerve-wracking and emotional process for both parents and kids.

We are committed to making the process as warm and supportive as possible while giving you the clearest and accurate results possible. We’ll debrief with you after the screening, explaining all of our recommendations and your options moving forward.

We’ve supported hundreds of families through the process of ADHD inquiry, and we’re happy to offer our incredibly high level of professionalism, warmth, and skill to your family. Learn more FAQ about testing.

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ADHD Evaluations for Kids In The Woodlands & Spring/Klein

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