Loss & Trauma Therapy

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Loss & Trauma for Children & Teens

Children and teens process loss and trauma in ways that can be markedly different from adults, often influenced by their developmental stage and understanding of the world. Younger children may struggle to grasp the permanence of loss and might express their feelings through changes in play, behavior, or regression to earlier developmental stages. Teenagers, navigating the complexities of adolescence, might respond with a range of emotions from withdrawal to anger or risk-taking behaviors. Both age groups may experience confusion, fear, and a sense of insecurity. Recognizing and supporting their unique ways of coping is essential for helping them heal and develop resilience in the face of adversity.

Trauma & Loss Therapy for Children

If your child has gone through a trauma or loss, you probably feel just as devastated as they do. Perhaps you’re grieving, too, and having trouble moving through your own feelings. Perhaps your child went through something without you, and you have no idea to help or support them.

Trauma and loss can both have serious repercussions for young kids, and getting the right professional guidance as quickly as possible makes a huge difference. We’ll help your child make sense of what they’ve gone through, and we’ll show you the best ways to help them heal and get back to a happy, carefree childhood as quickly as possible.

Trauma & Loss Therapy for Teens

Maybe your teen was involved in an accident. Perhaps they lost a loved one or experienced something that left them scared. Perhaps your teen is trying to recover from the longer-term effects of abuse or an unstable childhood.

Trauma and loss can hit us any point in life, but when they hit in the tough teen years before a stable sense of self is fully developed, they can cause a great deal of anguish and ongoing suffering. We’ll help your teen move through their intense and difficult thoughts, feelings, and fears, while we help you support their healing at home and at school. We’ll help you find healing and a more-connected “new normal.”

Trauma Therapy for Children & Teens Related to:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of a beloved pet
  • Accident or other “shock trauma”
  • Witnessing a frightening event
  • Abuse of any sort
  • Sexual abuse and/or assault
  • Neglect
  • Trauma from unstable living situations, such as changing custody or homes, frequent moves, parent conflict

How We Help Children & Teens with Anxiety

With young children, we use play-based therapies supported by research, namely the dyadic model Child-Parent Psychotherapy. As your child plays out the trauma or loss in safe and controlled ways, we help them make sense of their feelings, process their experience, and enhance feelings of safety and security.

With teens, we largely use Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s a mouthful, but all you really need to know is that this method has tremendous research and evidence to support its effectiveness. In a carefully controlled and safe therapeutic environment, we’ll help your teen feel like themselves again.

We welcome your involvement in your child’s healing process as much as possible so that you can support them further at home with the methods you learn in session.

Therapists Who Offer Therapy for Loss & Trauma

  • Katie Rial, a smiling woman in a blue shirt, standing in a wooded area.

    Katie Rial, PhD

  • A young woman in a green v-neck top posing for a photo as part of the staff and clinical team.

    Shauna Miller, LPC-Associate

  • Justina Yohannan, a smiling woman with curly hair in a green shirt.

    Justina Yohannan, PhD

  • A young woman in glasses sitting on a green grass, surrounded by a supportive staff and clinical team.

    Amanda Kasowski, MA, LPA-IP

  • Hannah McDonald, a therapist with Connections Child & Family Center has blonde hair and is smiling, standing in a bright turquoise shirt standing outside.

    Hannah McDonald, LMFT-A

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