Online Therapy for Kids

Online therapy for kids & teens

Online Child Therapy Sessions

Some kids may already be familiar with the struggles of anxiety and depression. Add on a pandemic it is now more important than ever to assist your kids through these difficult situations. Online therapy is a great way to work through their issues and learn to problem solve.

We offer flexible scheduling with our online therapy.

We know how difficult scheduling is and want to make it easy for you to get help for your kids. We know that it’s not always ideal bringing your kids to the office, so we offer flexible scheduling with our online therapy sessions. This can be accessed from anywhere you have a strong internet connection, a phone or computer, and privacy. All telehealth services are provided through a secure, HIPPAA complaint platform.

Online Child Therapy Sessions

Most kids are already quite familiar with technology, so they will find it easy to adapt. Online therapy also puts kids at more ease as they can enjoy the session from a place where they feel most safe and comfortable. They can easily connect with us from their favorite chair, at their desk, or even from bed.

Play Therapy Online

It is even possible for our therapists to conduct play therapy online. Kids enjoy playing games with their therapists and exploring our virtual playroom. We teach them coping strategies that will help them with anxiety and behavioral issues. Kids enjoy the connection and attention leading to happier, more easygoing kids. Parents love the structure and improvement in behavior that it provides.

Age based Sessions

Online therapy is recommended for children 4 years of age and older, but we do offer family sessions for all ages including children younger than 4 years of age. These family sessions allow parents and children to participate and are a great way to get parents involved in the process.

Play Therapy

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