Parenting During the Time of Corona

Expert tips from an experienced child psychologist and a family counselor.

Survive & Thrive While Parenting During a Pandemic

Because parents don’t have time for new hobbies or Netflix binges

If you are like us, you had your life organized and schedules set to support your work, your family, and your self-care. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and all that went out the window.

Suddenly, you were asked to be a full-time (+100%) parent, teacher, chef, employer or employee, entertainment director, etc.

All of this, with no breaks and no options to leave the house for some fun or self-care.

We share our own experiences, tips, and expert thoughts on setting your family up for success during this pandemic.

We explore how to protect your mental health, sanity, and self-care, so you can be the best parent possible.

 A Structure That Works

And its not what you think!

“Me” Time Essentials

Do these two things NOW, if you haven’t already

Working with Kids At Home

Simple hacks to get stuff done

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