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Connections Child & Family Center

Connections Child & Family Center is an outpatient mental health practice with 2 locations in the Greater Northwest Houston area. Our team of experienced child psychologists and family counselors is dedicated to helping families in our community. We work with individuals and families in all their configurations, children, parents, women, couples, and siblings. 

We guide individuals and families struggling with overwhelm and disconnection to calm and connection using personalized assessment and proven skills.
Our highly trained clinicians  help children, teens, and adults navigate intense emotions and behaviors. Our practice embraces a family-centered, strengths-focused, and relationship-based approach to healing. We recognize the profound impact that family dynamics and relationships have on emotional well-being.
Our team take the time to deeply understand your unique needs, challenges, and strengths, enabling us to develop a targeted and effective treatment plan.
Through carefully designed groups, you’ll not only receive actionable skills but also connect with others facing similar challenges, fostering empathy and understanding.
We believe individuals and families are doing the best they can with what they know, and accept you where you are. We we help build on each person’s unique strengths, and use them to move you toward your goals.

We teach coping tools, increase emotional awareness, build empathy and compassion, and support understanding of self and others. We use the latest science & research-based treatment approaches, combine them with expressive methods of play, art, dance, or sand tray, & throw in some humor, playfulness, and support. 

We believe that doing good clinical work requires support, and teamwork is the culture of our practice. Ongoing training, practicing what we preach and having fun while doing so are what separate us from your typical counselors.

With evidence-based interventions, supportive group dynamics, and ongoing assessments, we guide children, teens, and adults towards transformative growth.

Join our inclusive community to reconnect with yourself & others, and build a life worth loving.


At Connections, our mission is 2-part.

1) To help families connect, communicate and relate. By offering exceptional, evidence-based treatment that is strengths based, we help families to heal and relationships to grow. We believe in the healing power of relationships and that families heal better together.

2) We are also developing into a training center for clinicians of all levels (seasoned clinicians who invest in younger clinicians, and younger clinicians who grow into seasoned clinicians and do the same).


To create strong communities by improving the mental health, communication, and emotional security of families, and the individuals within.



We show up to work as our true selves and are authentic in our interactions with clients and colleagues. We  are down to earth in our relationships. Fun, playfulness, and humor are a regular part of our work.


We strive to uphold the standard of our profession, including being punctual and ethical. Our clients and colleagues know we can be counted on. We model respect, self-control, kindness, and strong boundaries. 


We value relationships and collaborate regularly with our colleagues, as an active team member. We are better together.


We promote and live out a culture of acceptance. We respect others, and their beliefs. We are inclusive and affirming to all. As such, we actively find ways to reach families of all backgrounds and needs.


We are committed to being consistent, accountable, and effective in our work. We are open to looking at our strengths, and refining our weaknesses, personally and professionally.  We approach life with a growth mindset and recognize that we are never complete. There is always more to learn and more room to grow.