How to Help Your Child Manage Their Emotions – Podcast Interview with Dr. Lauren Pasqua

4:40 – 4:59
Big emotions – Big feelings in kids. I like to give a framework to understand where those feelings are coming from and what is actually realistic to expect of your child in those situations.

9:49 – 9:59
Kids capacity to manage their feelings, to manage their behavior fluctuates throughout the day, from day to day. It depends on a lot of different factors like sleep, appetite, stress.

14:36 – 14:40
Self-regulation is something that develops over a life-span, even into adulthood.

14:42 – 14:53
School-age kids and younger really don’t have that full capacity for self-regulation or self-management and they need us to work with them.

20:21 – 20:28
Emotional intelligence and social intelligence, both of those interpersonal skills are more predictive of long-term success.


21:18 – Regulate yourself: if we go up, our kids go up
22:26 – Name it to tame it (label the child’s feelings)
26:22 – The Coping Box
29:23 – Bibliotherapy (book therapy)

Links to books:

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

When Miles Got Mad

Moody Cow Meditates

Visiting Feelings

The Way I Feel

The Whole Brain Child

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