Tween Talk Therapy Group

Helping tweens struggling with stress & frustration to connect & cope

Challenges Tweens Face

Tweens often struggle with the stress of school pressure, body changes, and friend drama. They might be angry about rules at home or anxious about fitting in and being liked.

Some tweens might be down in the dumps, with sad mood or no motivation. You might be worried they are sleeping too much, or staying up too late.

Even without unusual world circumstances, tweens experience many types of challenges like anxietylow self-esteemdepressionisolationschool or family problems, or problems with motivation.

A group of tweens looking at a computer.

Is your tween struggling?

  • Is he/she showing signs of anxiety?
  • Does your tween seem sad or depressed?
  • Are you worried about her self-esteem?
  • Is you teen feeling isolated and lonely?
  • Are you noticing him longing for connection?

This Group Helps Tweens:

  •  Connect with peers who are experiencing similar feelings.
  •  Process sadness over recent losses or changes
  •  Learn tools to manage frustration and changes in moods
  •  Create structure & habits for healthy minds
  •  Explore new ways to express feelings & stress

A group of girls making an initial design at home, while playfully covering their faces with their hands.

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