Teen Talk Therapy Group

Helping teens struggling with loneliness & stress to connect & cope

Being A Teen Can Be Difficult

Adolescence is full of confusion and uncertainty, yet even more so today.

Teens often lack strong skills to handle big feelings, even though they want to. They tend to react rather than respond to frustration, and may have trouble recognizing how their behavior comes across to others.

Teens experience many types of challenges like anxietylow self-esteemdepressionisolationschool or family problems, or problems with motivation.

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Is your teen struggling with the uncertainty of these difficult times?

  • Is he/she showing signs of anxiety?
  • Does your teen seem sad or depressed?
  • Are you worried about her self-esteem?
  • Is you teen feeling isolated and lonely?
  • Are you noticing him longing for connection?

This Group Helps Teens:

  •  Connect with other teens who are experiencing similar feelings.
  •  Get support and acceptance in a safe environment that is free of judgment.
  •  Get honest feedback from peers to help them grow & communicate effectively.
  •  Process grief and sadness over recent losses or changes
  •  Learn tools to manage frustration and changes in moodswithout self-destructive behaviors that make things worse.
  •  Create structure & goals to see them through their current reality in a healthy way.
  •  Explore new experiential way to express feelings & stress

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Is Teen Talk Group The Right Fit?

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