Social Anxiety Therapy Group

Helping socially anxious kids feel confident & brave in social settings

Understanding Social Anxiety in Kids & Teens

Kids and teens with social anxiety are uncomfortable in many social situations. They may hate asking a question in class, ordering their own food at restaurants, or asking for help at a store.

Using public restrooms brings on feelings of panic. Starting a conversation with someone or joining a group can be agony. Parties trigger bouts of nerves and they often dislike being in pictures or videos.

These youth have trouble giving their opinions or making their needs known to others.

Avoiding social situations is a major way they try to reduce that anxiety. Unfortunately, avoiding what we are afraid of usually makes the fear grow stronger.

Instead of feeling less anxious, kids begin to feel increasing panic when in situations where they have to interact with others.

Social anxiety group helps kids and teens who feel anxious and afraid learn skills to manage their anxiety + have a place to practice facing their fears, within a supportive environment

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Signs of social anxiety

  • Fears and anxiety about what others think in social situations
  • Fear of being judged, humiliated, embarrassed, or rejected
  • Avoidance of social situations
  • The intensity of fears doesn’t match the social situation
  • Distress in daily life functioning (school, work, or social life)

Through group kids and teens will get:

  •   Skills to reduce panic and body anxiety, like a racing heart, stomachache, or sweating
  •  The ability to recognize their own anxiety and rate the intensity for that situation
  •  Confidence to assert their opinion or share their thoughts
  •  Tools to handle intense anxiety and face their fears
  •  Exposures to feared social situations, with support
  •  Experience knowing they are not alone in their struggle with social anxiety
  •  A chance to change negative thoughts that make social situations seem threatening

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