Digital Detox for Families

For when screens intrude on family or study time

Do you know when it’s time for help?

Do you know why your teen can’t put the device down?
This 8-week, in-person class will help your whole family.


A woman is sitting at a table engaging in a digital detox, observing her daughter's phone.

This Group Is For You if 2 of 6 occur:

  1. Screen use impacts sleep patterns
  2. Mood dysregulation or aggression occurs when screen use is limited/restricted even unintentionally (like if internet goes out)
  3. Screen use happens longer than anticipated or planned
  4. Screen use impacts personal hygiene (brushing teeth, hair, bathing, clothing)
  5. Screen use creates a withdrawal or loss of interest from previously enjoyed activities or social connections
  6. Screen use negatively impacts school, social or family relationships or interactions

This Group Helps Families:

  •  Understand the science of brain development & what that means for how your teen learns to focus, manage feelings & develop thinking skills
  •  Learn tools & skills for balancing screen/non-screen activities
  •  Communicate about “real life” agreements & boundaries to manage & reduce screen time for everyone in your home
  •  Improve family relationships
  •  Get support from families like yours!

A woman is using a cell phone while sitting at a desk to contact someone.

Is It The Right Fit?