Adult DBT Skills Class

Feel Empowered to Get Control of Your Intense Emotions & Build a Life You Love

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Class

A Research Proven Approach to Help Emotionally Sensitive Adults Cope and Feel Connected

Could DBT Skills Class Be Right For You?


Are you struggling with managing your moods?

Do your reactions to frustration seem extreme or unpredictable?

Do you feel disconnected or misunderstood in relationships?

Are you having trouble getting along with family or friends?

Do you find yourself making impulsive or reactive decisions?

A group of people are practicing DBT skills in a video call, all smiling as they engage in the session.

DBT Class Helps You:

Boost Your Emotional Resilience: Discover how to understand your feelings better and handle those big emotions carefully.

Handle Frustration Like a Pro: Learn ways to deal with distress without blowing up or falling into self-destructive behavior.

Get Hands-On with Practical Skills: Learn and practice coping skills with the support of our team, so they’re ready to use  whenever you need them.

Your Personal Self-Care Plan: Create a plan that’s just right for you, managing emotions and boosting your self-esteem.

Improve Communication Big Time: We equip you with real skills to express yourself, set boundaries, and build supportive relationships.

Think Smart, Not Just Emotionally: Learn how to approach problems with a clear head and rational thinking, instead of letting emotions rule the day.

Achieve Your Goals: Put in place effective behaviors and break through blocks to achieving your dreams.

Get Connected and Supported

Join our local class in The Woodlands and Spring, or take part in online classes if you’re a Texan. We know how hard it is to feel alone and disconnected.  This class provides both a structured and supportive environment. Our experienced leaders focus on teaching new skills while helping you connect to others who can relate to your struggles.

Embark on a Life-Changing Journey

Reconnect with yourself and build a life you love with our DBT skills class. Our skilled facilitators will support you in handling mood swings, finding stability, and taking control of your emotions. With DBT skills class, you’ll grow in self-love, challenge negative beliefs about yourself, and develop skills that increase your feeling of self-worth. Break free from impulsive behaviors, grow healthy relationships, and embrace a healthy life.

A man and woman engaged in online therapy, sitting on a couch and attentively looking at a laptop.

Feel like the group might be a fit but still have questions?

Embrace Calmness and Coping Skills

Discover more about our skill-building class by clicking the button below. You have suffered long enough. Don’t wait to take action on living a life you love. Take the first step today to transform from chaos to a fulfilling, healthy life you love!