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Learn how to manage big feelings, stress & family conflict without tears and harmful behavior.

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Learn how to radically shift intense teen emotions and impulsive behaviors. Learn how to build stronger family connections and grow in how you think, feel, and relate to your child.

Downloadable PDF Workbook

Access the free workbook. This downloadable PDF Workbook is for you to fill in as you complete each technique and to note your reflections and thoughts.

Presented by Dr. Lauren Pasqua, Owner and Director

of Connections Child and Family Center

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Learn How To

Balance validation (where the focus is on acceptance) and problem-solving (where the focus is on change) so that your teen can succeed.

Learn How To

Gain an understanding of your teen’s high-risk behaviors and exactly what to say and how to say it to de-escalate teen emotional responses

Learn How To

Understanding the highly sensitive, highly reactive teen and how the environment (and caregivers) impact these factors, giving you more control

A great starting point for supporting your teen or young adult. Strategies taught are based on the evidence based model of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. 

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