Expectant Moms Online Therapy Group

Helping pregnant women seeking connection and support from other pregnant women.

This Group Helps Women:

  •  Connect with other women who are experiencing similar feelings.
  •  Get support and acceptance in a safe environment that is free of judgment.
  •  Learn more about perinatal mental health
  •  Work on personal self-care
  •  Explore coping skills for mental health and improved relationships
  •  Learn tools to improve relationships 
  •  Create structure & goals to see them through their current reality in a healthy way.

Why a support group?

Women, in particular, need regular social connection and validation. These social interactions have become fewer and fewer in our modern culture. Instead, moms stay indoors in separate homes with little adult conversation, even with neighbors. During pregnancy, we need each other more than ever.

Our expectant moms’ group offers support, caring, and connection, an escape from the daily monotony, and a place to make friends.

In our moms’ group we accept all differences and encourage learning through others experiences. No matter what stage of pregnancy or parenting you are in, or what choices you make, group has something for you. We make it clear that each woman has to make the best choices for them, and their situation, and we respect those choices.

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Possible Topics Covered

  •  Perinatal Mental Health
  •  Worries and Fears about Pregnancy and Birth
  •  Self-Care
  •  Preparing for Birth
  •  Coping with Labor Pain
  •  Motherhood Expectations
  •  Relationships
  •  Sibling Support

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