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We Help Your Teen Handle Big Feelings & Build a Life They Love

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Does Your Teen Need DBT Skills Class?

Is your teen struggling with intense emotions?

Do his reactions to frustration seem extreme or unpredictable?

Do they self-harm or talk about dying?

Is you teen having trouble getting along with family or friends?

Do they explode or blow up when things are tough?

DBT Skills Class Helps Teens:

Enhance emotional resilience: Teens learn to recognize their feelings &  how to manage big feelings skillfully.

♥ Handle distress or frustration, without exploding or self-destructive behavior. 

Practice real skills: Our experienced team teaches your teen skills to cope, and practice with them in session to support mastery for using skills when needed.

Craft a tailored self-care strategy: Teens make a personal plan to manage feelings, and improve self-esteem

Improve healthy communication: DBT gives teens real skills to communicate their needs, set boundaries, & build supportive relationships

♥ Think rationally about problems, instead of responding to emotions.

♥ Accountability from peers and leaders to use skills instead of negative behaviors, and stay on track.

Gain Support & Connection

We offer local classes in The Woodlands and Spring, and occasional online classes for Texans. Teens crave connection with other teens and this class offers that support within a structured classroom environment. Experienced leaders focus on learning new skills while making connections with similar peers, while avoiding conversation about toxic or destructive thoughts or behaviors.

Avoid Chaos and Increase Coping

Discover more about our skill-building classes by clicking the button below. Don’t wait to equip your teen with skills to handle their intense emotions- these are skills to support their whole life. Take the first step today, and see them transform from chaos to living a healthy life they love!