Coping Skills DBT Summer Camp

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Exciting Summer Opportunity For Teens!

Join our Coping Skills DBT Summer Camp, designed for teenagers aged 14-18. This unique camp is a journey towards mastering the art of coping with life’s challenges and improving resiliency. 

Participants can expect daily DBT skills workshops led by experienced therapists, allowing them to delve into powerful coping strategies. Teens will be able to apply the DBT skills they’ve learned to real-life situations, ensuring their ability in making safe, healthy and effective decisions, without impulsive behaviors that often make the situation worse. 

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Unlock Potential At Our Teen DBT Summer Camp:

  • Is your teen struggling with overwhelming emotions?
  • Do you want them to learn skills to manage stress and build healthier relationships?
  • Join us for an empowering summer at our Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) camp!🌈

Monday: Mindfulness & DBT WiseMind, Validation

Teens will learn to tune into their thoughts and emotions and “Wise Mind” so that they can feel big emotions while also making safe, healthy and effective decisions, without impulsive behaviors that often make the situation worse. Your teen will learn mindfulness practices to increase self-awareness and how to objectively describe objects (then emotions).

Tuesday: Thinking Traps & Correction Skills, Dialectics

Teens will learn to challenge all/nothing thinking and find the truth in both sides of any position they are noticing. This will cultivate collaboration and understanding rather than competition or winning a point. 

Your teen will learn to recognize irrational thoughts, self-criticisms and judgments so they can rebuild a positive self-image and use skills to improve understanding in their relationships.

Wednesday: Building a Toolbox: Distress Tolerance Skills

Your teen will learn the ACCEPTS, self-soothe and IMPROVE the moment skills to get through moments that are tough when they can’t change or solve the problem right away. This is the concrete toolbox of coping skills that’ll help your teen in everyday stressful situations to prevent them from escalating into crises.

Thursday: Radical Acceptance & Opposite Action

Your teen will practice acceptance of difficult thoughts and situations and learn to navigate life’s difficulties in ways that open up opportunity, rather than keeping them stuck in suffering and struggle.

Your teen will learn exposure strategies to endure emotions that are safe but uncomfortable so that they can feel their feelings in healthy ways that allow them to form closer connections and better express themselves.

What To Expect

  • Daily DBT skills workshops led by experienced therapists
  • Fun outdoor activities, team-building exercises, and adventure challenges
  • Bonding with peers in a supportive and non-judgmental environment
  • Personalized support to apply DBT skills in real-life situations
  • Memories and friendships that last a lifetime

Dates: June 24 – 27

Location: The Woodlands
1544 Sawdust, Ste 290, Spring, TX, 77380

Time: 10 AM – 2 PM Daily, snacks included
Cost: $800/person

LIMITED AVAILABILITY! Questions? Email to learn more.

Teen Thrive Program participants examining a globe.