Clinical Hypnosis Myths and Facts

There are many misconceptions and mistaken beliefs about hypnosis and many people’s fears associated with hypnosis are based upon myth. This is often due to exposure to lay and stage hypnotists performing for entertainment.Hypnosis

Myth 1:  I will be out of control
During hypnosis, the trance comes from you and your willingness to enter a trance state. Ultimately, you can choose to enter a trance or not, and throughout the procedure you are in total control of yourself.

Myth 2:  Hypnosis is sleep.
Hypnosis, while relaxing like sleep, is actually a heightened state of awareness and focus. Attention is redirected inside you rather than focusing on the external world; however, you are not asleep. You might remember everything that is said, part of a session, or you may not consciously remember at all. However, the unconscious mind hears everything and only accepts information or suggestions that are in line with your personality and goals.

Myth 3:  People who are hypnotized are weak-minded.
You are in complete control of entering a trance, so hypnotizable is really like a skill. Hypnosis actually helps you increase your control over your life and use your own mind to help yourself.

Myth 4:  A hypnotherapist can make you do things against your will and look foolish.
This belief likely comes from stage hypnotists, movies, or television where a person is apparently hypnotized to do what the hypnotist says.  Stage hypnotist are very sensitive to “reading” a person’s willingness to be on stage and go along with the suggestions. If the person did not want to agree with a suggestion, they will not! Additionally, clinical hypnosis by a trained therapist is a very respectful and sensitive process. I would never suggest you do anything foolish or embarrassing, and you maintain total control during the process.

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