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Handle Intense Feelings

Feel Confident Parenting

Manage Big Behaviors

Are You or Your Child Struggling With:

  • Anxiety, OCD, or Stress?
  • Making or Keeping Friends?
  • Anger, Sadness, or Meltdowns?
  • Divorce or Family Changes?
  • ADHD or Autism?
  • Trauma, Loss or Grief?

Our Therapists Help Kids & Families

Express Their Feelings

We help kids and parents know what they are feeling  (sad, mad, anxious, angry). We teach how to communicate those feelings clearly and calmly. This helps parents know just how to provide the right support. It helps kids express what they need effectively. 

Feel in Control

Big behaviors like tantrums, aggression, or self-harm are overwhelming. We teach you and your child tools to calm down without doing things to make it worse. Parents learn just what to do when big behaviors happen.

Relate to Others

Relationships are what brings joy to life. We help you & your family connect. We teach you all how to resolve conflicts. You will learn how to listen to and understand each other. We help your child make and keep friends.

Getting Started Is So Easy

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment

Step 2: Make a Plan Together

Let’s set goals to help your child and family feel better.

Step 3: Move Forward

Get unstuck and make positive changes. Feel calm and connected.

Our mission is simple: to help you and your family feel connected, to yourself and each other.

What Makes Us Different?


We treat families of all kinds, separately and together.  What affects one person, affects the whole family. Support is needed for everyone to heal and grow.

Relationship Focused

What sets us apart? It’s our belief in the power of connections. We think that strong, healthy relationships are the key to a happy life.


Our multidisciplinary team focuses on treatment based on science. We’ll give you real tools for life’s ups and downs.

Affirming & Inclusive

We are committed to serving diverse families in a safe, nonjudgmental space.  No matter your color, creed, gender, orientation, ability, or beliefs, you are welcome here. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

Insurances We Accept

Teen Thrive: A DBT Program

Helping Highly Sensitive Teens Build A Life Worth Living

What You Learn:

  • Core Mindfulness: Learning self-awareness of your thoughts, feelings, sensations or interactions rather than letting your mind be in control of you.
  • Emotion Regulation: These skills help you understand the emotions you experience and what purpose they serve, reduce intense emotional dysregulation, and decrease suffering.
  • Walking the Middle Path: Middle Path skills help you see how there’s more than one way to view a situation, how to honor the truth on both sides of a conflict, and how to influence behavior change.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills: This set of skills helps you keep and maintain healthy relationships, negotiate for something you want, and maintaining your self-respect
  • Distress Tolerance: These are skills to use when pain can’t be avoided and you don’t want to engage in impulsive behaviors that would make matters worse.

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